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What is the Sparkly Smile Teeth Whitening Device and how does it work?

The Sparkly Smile Teeth Whitening Device is a home teeth whitening solution, designed to whiten and brighten teeth without pain or sensitivity. Our Secret Formula® dissolves up to 10 years of yellow stains, strengthen teeth and protect against sensitivity. Our LED Light speeds up the process, producing results in just 30 minutes. With daily use, old stains and discolouration will break down and your teeth will look whiter and brighter than ever. 

How do I use Sparkly Smile?

Each Box comes complete with an LED Light mouth tray, Shade Guide, 28 Whitening Strips containing our secret serum and a user manual that explains how to use Sparkly Smile. First of all hold the 3D shade teeth guide to match the current shade of your teeth before the first treatment, make sure you take a picture in order to be able to track your progress. 

Next brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush, DO NOT USE toothpaste! Your teeth have micropores and the pores need to be open for the chemical to penetrate. If toothpaste is used, the fluoride in the toothpaste may inhibit the penetration of our bleaching agent. To apply, simply remove the whitening strip from its liner and place the gel side to your teeth, aligned with your gum line. Press against your teeth for best contact and fold the remainder of the strip behind your teeth. Avoid applying strips directly on gums or lips, rememember only on your teeth! 

Connect the device into your smartphone or laptop, put the mouth piece in your mouth and bit it. then turn the light on and start whitening your teeth! Sparkly Smile device will turn off automatically after 15 minutes. For best results, we reccomend to turn the LED back on and repeat the cycle one more time for a total of 30 minutes! After that, Take it out, rinse the LED light and your mouth with water. Do not drink, eat or anything except water for 30 minutes after the treatment, you may whiten for as long as 30-minutes per session, two-times per day for faster and better results. 

Can I brush my teeth immediately before using my treatment? 

PLEASE do NOT brush immediately BEFORE applying your SparklySmile Whitening strips. To avoid gum irritation, allow some time to pass after you have brushed your teeth to apply your SparklySmile Whitening strips.  

If you do brush your teeth just use a wet toothbrush, DO NOT USE toothpaste! Your teeth have micropores and the pores need to be open for the chemical to penetrate. If toothpaste is used, the fluoride in the toothpaste may inhibit the penetration of our bleaching agent. 

How long do SparklySmile’s results last?

After your first cycle treatment results can last up to 36 months! For longer lasting results, try to limit your intake of any dark foods or drinks that stain teeth. This includes coffee and tea, wine, pasta and curry sauces, and even some fruits and berries. To keep your teeth white and bright, we recommend completing a single use of the Sparkly Smile Teeth Whitening Device every 2 weeks after your initial round of whitening. 

Does SparklySmile hurt? Will it make my teeth sensitive?    

Our formula is 100% pain free, however, you may experience drool during your whitening sesseion, that's completely normal some people might experience more saliva in their mouth, just simply take a quick break and start again whenever you're ready.

Will SparklySmile work on my teeth?

Does Sparkly Smile’s Teeth Whitening whiten veneers? 

No, unfortunately our Teeth Whitening Device only whitens natural teeth. Veneers aren’t designed to be whitened and require special maintenance from your dentist. This also includes caps, crowns, fillings, bridges and dentures.

Does the Device whiten crooked teeth?

Yes, The Sparkly Smile Teeth Whitening Device whitens crooked teeth!!

What's the active ingredient included in the formula?

The active Ingredient in our Formula is Hydrogen Peroxide in combination with Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera), Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract (Chamomile), Punica Granatum Seed Extract (Pomegranate) and Extract of Green Tea. After years of studies and reserach we came to the conclusion that this is the best gel formula to whiten your teeth without causing sensitivity, this is why we are proud to promote the best teeth whitening device on the market!

What's HP and is it safe?

Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) is the active ingrediet in our product and in most of the professional teeth whitening treatment. HP is the most effective ingredient when it comes down to teeth whitening and it's 100% safe if used properly. The mixture in our gel creates the most effective and harmless product on the market. For more info, please read the article in our blog with Dr. Linda Brown of the University of Sydney, where we discuss the benefits of using HP in our products.

How is the SparklySmile device different from any other generic led kit ?

Our Teeth whitening take advantage of years of studies with dental experts using the best technology for home treatments. We have spent over $5 million inventing our products and engineering them to perfection. Our products ship fast and are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty (on electronics).  Also Our formula is patented and not available to anyone else apart for our customers. Sparkly Smile is a professional device available to regular people.We have customers in over 100 countries worldwide. There is no other company with our system and our quality and results speak for themselves. Be wary of any counterfeits and report them by

What are SparklySmile Whitening Strips and why do I need them?

Our Strips Refills include 28 additional Whitening Strips, for a total of 14 treatment, to resupply your Teeth Whitening Device and help maintain or improve your results. Depending on your consumption of dark foods, everyday stains may start to creep back in after your initial treatment. By keeping your Device stocked with Whitening Strips you’ll ensure that your teeth stay whiter and brighter for longer.  

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

We guarantee a minimum of two shades whiter teeth after using our Teeth Whitening Device, or we’ll give you your money back. To qualify for a refund, be sure to take clear pictures of your teeth prior to using the Kit for the first time, and after your first full treatment cycle.If you’re not confident that you’ve improved by two or more shades, simply send us through your before and after pictures along with a picture of your used Teeth Whitening Kit. So long as your request is submitted within 30 days of delivery, we’ll get to work on reviewing your application.For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

How often should I use Sparkly Smile?

You can use it twice a day each day for 21-30 days straight. If you experience sensitivity, then take a break for 1-3 days, and then continue. 

Can I use while Nursing or Breast Feeding?

Yes, a breastfeeding mom can safely get her teeth whitened or even whiten them herself at home. You swallow very little (if any) of the whitening serum, which means almost none of it can be absorbed into your bloodstream, so it won't reach your breast milk. 

How do I remove excess gel left on my teeth after using my whitestrips?

Since the left over gel isn’t harmful, you can do any of the following:

1. Rinse your mouth with water

2. Wipe the gel off your teeth

3.Brush it off

4. Leave it, as it will dissolve eventually

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