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Sparkly Smile Advanced Whitening Tooth Paste
Sparkly Smile Advanced Whitening Tooth PasteSparkly Smile Advanced Whitening Tooth PasteSparkly Smile Advanced Whitening Tooth PasteSparkly Smile Advanced Whitening Tooth PasteSparkly Smile Advanced Whitening Tooth PasteSparkly Smile Advanced Whitening Tooth Paste
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Sparkly Smile toothpaste contains activated charcoal which has increased surface area compared to others charcoal toothpaste. This gives it higher adsorptive power, and makes it capable of removing much of the unwanted substances adherent to the tooth surface. This property makes its use more beneficial in comparison to conventional charcoal as a tooth cleansing agent.

How does it Work? Polishing the surface of the teeth, Activated Charcoal Toothpaste removes stains,  whitens  teeth  and  freshens  breath.   To  be used daily, this vegan-friendly formula is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients that create effective results whilst being gentle on enamel. 

What it does:This toothpaste works to naturally restore enamel, whiten teeth and freshen breath without any of the nasty chemicals. This minty-flavoured charcoal toothpaste is fluoride-free with a clean alternative that helps to strengthen and repair enamel on teeth.


Activated charcoal is typically derived from the fine carbon powder obtained from burnt coconut shells, olive pits, coal, sawdust or bone char. The charcoal is passed through high heat which activates it by altering the inner structure of the charcoal, thereby making it highly porous.

Activated charcoal is negatively charged, which increases its tendency to attract positively charged molecules towards it, such as tooth stains and plaque. Some observational studies have revealed that activated charcoal exhibits the ability to adsorb accumulated plaque over the tooth surface. Activated charcoal also has an exceptional ability to attract other compounds which are responsible for extrinsic staining of the teeth. These compounds are present in caffeine, wine, smoking and some stain-producing foods. These stains affect the overall aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Activated charcoal adsorbs these extrinsic stains and result in increased overall whitening of teeth.

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